We Need a New Breed

New Breed Nation

We are living in very difficult and challenging times. I realize that may seem like an almost laughable understatement. But take a good look around you. Depending on where you may happen to be in this country at any given moment, you’re very likely to see your fellow citizens wearing masks, gingerly approaching and passing each person they may happen to encounter…and taking care to stay six feet apart from one another. And that’s actually what you’re witnessing if you’re lucky.

The truth is – unless you’re hiding from it – you’re likely seeing much more. People taking to the streets to demand justice for Black and Brown people after yet another wrongful death at the hands of law enforcement. Or outrage after yet another miscarriage of justice within our so-called criminal justice system – where the lack of justice can only be described as criminal. Gun-toting militia members menacing and shouting down their fellow protesting citizens – brandishing weapons in one hand and an American flag in the other.

Fear and anxiety are now ruling the day as cities burn from the rage created by centuries of injustice and inequality, an economic system that serves only the rich and most powerful, and a political system that buckles under the weight of corporate pressure – while failing its most vulnerable and marginalized citizens. Sadness, depression and resignation are setting in as we see our basic civil rights – which were supposed to be the very foundation of our society and nation – dissipate and dissolve before our eyes, and we are left feeling powerless to stop it.

Right now, at this perilous moment in our history and more than ever before, what we need is a New Breed. Because we can no longer bear the ideology of toxic separatism. Because we can no longer keep these stories inside of us, and locked away from the world. Because we must dismantle the white supremacy, racism, sexism and the heteropatriarchy that has been at the foundation of our nation, society, government, political system and economy. Because we can’t breathe any more watching our brothers and sisters die. Because we’re tired of being overcome by the sick feeling in our stomach every time we watch the news. Because we want greater fun, pleasure and intimate connections in our lives. Because we want the freedom that we were promised – but never received. Because literally everyone else who has come before us has failed or fallen short.

And so here we are. Forty years after Prince called us to stand up, organize and reproduce as a new breed of people…we are answering that call. We can no longer live within this story in which we find ourselves imprisoned, powerless, afraid and endangered. It is long past time to create a new story – one based on community, intimacy, liberation and empowerment – to replace the toxic narrative that has ruled our lives. So we will begin creating that story – through a mellifluous multitude of voices from every culture, color and community – and sharing it with whoever is open enough to listen.

Our Purple Revolution will consist of this shared storytelling, as well as advocating for internal and external transformation through systemic, social, political and personal change. It will be a revolution of peaceful, passionate and pleasurable means.

Are you are an artist, musician, filmmaker, writer, web creative or creative entrepreneur yearning for a network of like-minded people to support your work AND change the world in the process? Then you are one of us. Are you are an activist seeking a support network and new creative ways of engagement to build a movement of passionate people dedicated to your cause? Then you are one of us.

So perhaps you will join us as a creative revolutionary and will lock arms with us as a fellow soldier or agent of love. Perhaps you will just want to dance with us. Maybe you just want to watch. Or maybe you want nothing at all to do with us. We look forward to hearing your story, if you’re so inclined to share it. Regardless of where you may find yourself, we will be here – creating, collaborating and fighting for the change that we all so desperate need to survive. Because if not now, then it’s most definitely never.

The New Breed has opened its doors as part of its Founding Membership Drive. Basic memberships are free. If you’d like to be part of our Purple Revolution, please join us.

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