What exactly is the New Breed?

The New Breed Artist and Activist Network is a multiracial group of party people and change-makers. Members come together as creative collaborators, friends, lovers and life partners to affect and create transformative change – both within and outside of themselves. The group is dedicated to the dismantling of fear, separatism, racism, sexism, white supremacy and the heteropatriarchy through relationship building, shared storytelling, personal transformation and political action.

In addition to creative artists and activists (and artist activists) of all stripes, we also welcome other creative revolutionaries into our organization – including academics, journalists, entrepreneurs, public officials, faith leaders, influencers, super fans, healers, doctors and others who are dedicated to positive, progressive, social and personal change.

What kind of work does the New Breed do?

We connect like-minded humans around social events, projects, productions, campaigns and causes designed to promote community, intimacy, empowerment and liberation. Our projects are designated to bring people together to support and hold each other – as well as examine, confront and dismantle fear, separatism, systemic racism, white supremacy, sexism and the heteropatriarchy.

We build platforms and create community through parties and channels dedicated to these projects, productions, campaigns and causes.

What is the Purple Revolution?

The Purple Revolution is our effort to affect personal, political, social and systemic change. This revolution aims to dismantle and overcome the effects of separatism and other social ills through the empowerment and mobilization of artists and activists. We aim to do this via connection, collaboration, creativity and fun through shared storytelling, relationship building, personal transformation and political action. The revolution is based on the pursuit of peace, passion and pleasure for all.

How can I join the New Breed?

You can join us by clicking here and filling out our membership questionnaire.

Can I join if I’m under 18 years of age?

Yes, but some parties within the New Breed may be age-restricted to adults 18 years of age and over.

Who leads and governs the New Breed?

The New Breed has four Network Directors, who oversee the organization as a whole. Since our membership organization is currently restricted to US residents only, the Network Directors are also known as National Directors – and oversee the New Breed Nation party.

The leadership of the New Breed also extends to the Directors of the individual parties, known as Party Directors. Collectively, the Network Directors and all Party Directors are known as the New Breed Directorate.

Individual parties within the New Breed are largely autonomous – and governed by their Party Directors, who face minimal requirements and input from Network or National leadership at any given time.

What is New Breed Studios?

New Breed Studios, LLC (also known as NBS) is the parent company behind the New Breed network platform. In addition to overseeing and maintaining the organization’s website, platform and affiliated properties, the company offers New Breed members assistance in organizing, platform building, messaging, communications and content services through paid membership plans.

Is this just a Prince fan club?

No. The New Breed is a network of artists, activists and like-minded creative revolutionaries – not a fan club of any particular artist or entertainer. There is one New Breed party devoted to Prince – and his many fans and followers within our organization. But while the organization’s name was taken from the lyrics of a Prince song, and the iconic musician inspired some of our guiding principles – we are in no way affiliated with Paisley Park Enterprises or the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson.

What are the principles behind the New Breed?

The philosophical foundation of the New Breed consists of 24 founding and guiding principles, divided into three different groups of eight. These principles are detailed further in the New Breed Credo, describing the mission, work and philosophy of the organization in three sentences.

For more information on the New Breed principles, click here.

What is the meaning of the New Breed logo and flag?

The colorful circular “butterfly” logo associated with the Network was originally designed by New Breed founder Joe Cesarano two years before the organization’s official launch – as the logo of New Breed Studios. The NBS logo was subsequently tweaked to become the official symbol of the New Breed Artist and Activist Network and movement in 2020.

The logo consists of a circle with eight colored wedges, with a superimposed heart, peace symbol and combination of traditional gender symbols – representing the organization’s guiding principles. The intersecting symbols also result in two A’s being visible in the lower half of the circle – representing artists and activists, respectively.

The New Breed flag consists of the butterfly logo imposed on a purple background. The purple (which also fills one of the logo’s eight wedges) represents the Purple Revolution – and serves as an homage to the creative revolutionary Prince Rogers Nelson, who inspired the name of the New Breed movement and some of its guiding principles.

New Breed Studios logo (2018)
New Breed Network logo (2020)
New Breed Network flag (2020)

So what is it with all of these eights?

Eight is a central number within the New Breed. The New Breed logo, for example, is grounded in a circle with wedges of eight different colors representing the eight principles in each sentence of the New Breed Credo and the eight Shared Storytelling Stages. The organization was founded on August 8, 2020. Eight is also associated with the infinity symbol, representing the New Breed’s most important and guiding principle of love, which is described in our manifesto as infinite in nature.

What is the Old Order?

As detailed in our manifesto, the Old Order is the name of the collective forces that keep the status quo in place – within ourselves and within our larger society. Supporters of the Old Order remain content and comfortable surrounding themselves with people who look exactly like them – never challenging themselves to expand their professional, social and romantic circles to include people of other backgrounds and life experiences. They remain blind to the racism, sexism and heterosexism that have served as the foundation of our society by failing to examine, confront or dismantle it in themselves, in others and in the world around them. They fail to act usually because they have deemed it not to be in their self-interest. The dominant power of the Old Order is largely maintained by a Story of Separation that governs the “us versus them” way most people see the world – as well as by forces of internal and external fear. This fear often leads to depression, anguish, alienation and hopelessness among many artists and activists who attempt to challenge the Old Order.

What are Purple Points?

Purple Points are awarded to New Breed members based on their participation in the network community. Points are awarded for actions such as interacting with the New Breed website (leaving comments, posts, joining groups, etc.) – as well as actions such as attending New Breed events and inviting/sponsoring people to become new members.

The New Breed holds monthly prize raffles for members – with entries based on their accumulated Purple Points for that particular month. We also honor the top Purple Points earners every year at an awards ceremony.


What are the different membership levels?

Basic membership in the New Breed is FREE to all individuals who wish to join us upon approval of their application. We also offer tiered membership plans (which are detailed below) to both individuals and groups seeking platform building, coaching, consulting, editorial and other services.

Purple membership plans ($8.88 per month) are offered to approved members who wish to start, organize and lead their own New Breed parties. Purple members gain access to all New Breed Leadership Course offerings, quarterly coaching and consulting calls and free video channel setup.

Gold membership plans ($104 per month) are offered to both approved New Breed members and groups of members. In addition to Purple membership benefits, Gold members gain monthly coaching and consulting calls, video channel setup and management (with update limits) and membership site or basic website setup. If a member purchases the Gold plan as the leader of a party or group, all other members of that party or group must purchase Purple membership plans.

Platinum membership plans ($1040 per month) are also offered to both approved New Breed members and groups of members. In addition to Gold membership benefits, Platinum members gain twice monthly coaching or consulting calls, video channel hosting, IPTV streaming channel setup and hosting, membership and website management as well as communications assistance with press releases and emails. If a member purchases the Platinum plan as the leader of a party or group, all other members of that party or group must purchase Purple membership plans.

Why are there paid membership plans?

Basic membership in the New Breed is free. However, the New Breed is not a nonprofit organization, but a private membership network that depends on paid subscriptions from both individuals and groups to provide support services to artists, activists and other creative revolutionaries dedicated to progressive social justice and change. These services include an organizing platform, private social network, leadership training tools and various other assistance with content, messaging and communications.

What if I can’t afford a paid membership?

Basic membership in the New Breed is free. But our support of struggling artists and activists is unconditional. If you are approved for membership and wish to purchase a Purple membership plan, but cannot afford it due to financial hardship, please contact us and we will provide you with alternative options.

If you’re interested in the services provided through the Gold and Platinum membership plans, but cannot afford them on your own – we would recommend that you start a New Breed party and purchase one of those memberships as a group. Party members can then evenly split the monthly costs of the group membership.


What are New Breed parties?

In addition to referring to social gatherings, parties are the constituent groups that make up the New Breed. New Breed parties are based on projects, productions, professions, campaigns, causes and locations. They are dedicated groups of creative revolutionaries of diverse skin colors, cultures, backgrounds, classes, genders, sexualities and professions. Parties are largely autonomous units within the New Breed, and managed and overseen by their respective Party Directors.

What types of parties are there?

There are three types of parties identified within the New Breed, characterized by the letters P, R and N.

P parties are parties based on a project or production. These could be parties based on an artistic pursuit or project – such as a book, film, artwork, musical work or play – or a full-blown production group.

R parties are revolutionary parties based on a specific cause or campaign. These could be parties formed around a particular reform or social justice issue – or parties formed in support of a specific political campaign.

N parties are national, neighborhood or network parties. National parties consist of members from a particular nation – or to all members within a nation that share the same profession, calling or role. Neighborhood parties are regional chapters of the New Breed. Network parties are member groups that often form around a particular purpose not linked to a specific cause, campaign or project – such as fans groups of a particular artist or show, or small support groups.

Parties may also be hybrid parties, which are a combination of one or more types listed above.

Are all parties open to all members?

Parties designated as P parties or R parties are unrestricted, and open to all New Breed members. Smaller breakout parties within P parties and R parties can be established by Party Directors, and membership within those breakout parties can be private and restricted.

Parties designated as N parties may restrict membership based on a person’s location, profession, calling or role. Small N parties – such as Core Four parties – may also be established as private, restricted parties.

Are there restrictions on who can lead a party?

Directors of New Breed parties may be a single individual member, or a Party Directorate of up to four individual members.

There are no restrictions on individual members who wish to become Party Directors (or part of a Party Directorate) of P parties or N parties.

In contrast, Party Directors of R parties must be individual members who are female, BIPOC or LGBTQ-identified – or a Party Directorate in which a majority of Party Directors are female, BIPOC or LGBTQ-identified. This provision is in accordance with the New Breed’s guiding principle and commitment to Equity within our membership ranks.

What is a Core Four party?

A Core Four party (or simply, Core Four) is a private N party (network type) composed of just four New Breed members who meet regularly. The purpose of the Core Four party is to have members share and support each other’s work, and offer assistance and caring counsel with any challenges they may be facing in their personal lives or careers. Core Four members are also expected to hold each other accountable for goals and milestones that are set in each other’s presence.

Since the roles of every member within the Core Four parties are equal, the Core Fours are the only parties within the New Breed that are not led by Party Directors.

What is New Breed Nation?

New Breed Nation is the national party of the New Breed within the United States. Since the organization is currently composed of only U.S. residents, all members of the New Breed network are automatically members of New Breed Nation. The party is currently led by the Network Directors.


For information on how to add and share items on the New Breed network platform, how to contact other members, how to customize your network profile, and many other things…please visit this page, which is only accessible to members.